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Thank you to all who attended the Developing SDA Conference in Sydney on 19th March 2022....

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After the event 

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Summary by our MC Bob Ortega - to all Sydney delegates 

One wet Saturday in Sydney, a group of like-minded individuals convened to meet the call and fill the gap for Specialist Disability Accommodation. 

For your time today, innovators in this space shared their expertise in this multi-faceted program.
•    Through Tony Rutherford, we found out who the players are, their roles and their contractual obligations
•    Harry Mitchell, UPS Solutions and Con Serv showed how technology and design come together to propel the participant’s independence
•    Laila Burnet and Alison McLeod helped us to determine the size of the opportunity available to us and why we need to act
•    Sam Thorp showed how we can practically measure the impact to participate with a new tool
•    Greg Barry put NDIS participants’ needs in the forefront to assist in life changing housing outcomes
•    Finally, John Moulang stamped approval puts NIDS participants’ needs together in conceptual design to successful implementation

John’s ominous ‘pink batts’ case review had all speakers putting the participant’s needs at the core of SDA.  It is, after all, Specialist Accommodation for our disabled brothers and sisters.
We sincerely thank all the sponsors, the speakers, and most importantly, all who attended who have a stake in NDA.  
We hope you received a return on your time invested today.









Bob Ortega 

From the Director

Thank you Sydney! - We are most grateful for all who attended. After facing many hurdles and challenges, we finally made its. The full room saw SIL Providers, SDA Providers, Fund Managers, Property Developers, Builders, Building Surveyors and Architects attending.

We extend a special thank you to Sponsors Urbanise, Con-serv, UPS Solutions, Benelli, and Speakers Alison McLeod of InHab Australia, Tony Rutherford of Holding Redlich Australia, Greg Barry of SDA Services, Laila Burnet of M3 Property, John Moulang of Morris Goding Consultants, Sam Thorp of SDA Alliance Australia
We received an overwhelming positive response with many walking away better informed and updated. Stay tuned for more indepth SDA workshops for Sydney.

Bookings for SDA Conference Brisbane (Fri 29th April are filling fast ) - and tickets for SDA Conference Adelaide (Wed 1st June) are increasing.

You can also join the SDA Networking Lunch cruise in Melbourne on the Kingfisher 11 boat on Sat 7th May here 


Book today....and remain updated, connected and informed. 

Sydney's agenda (for your records) 

Need a certificate of attendance? - please see below. Copies of Power point presentations and Certificates will be emailed within 7 days. Email or fill in the form below 

9.10am - 9.45am 

Sam Thorp : Manager 

Social Ventures Australia (SVA) 

Measuring the impact of housing – the Disability Housing Outcomes Framework

Disability housing is changing, with customers having more choice and higher expectations. Providers, both SIL and SDA, need to be able to demonstrate their impact. Yet it’s hard to know what good looks like and challenging to compare between providers. To address this, a coalition of stakeholders from across the sector including people with disability and SIL and SDA providers have co-developed a way to measure the impact of housing on people with disability.

The Disability Housing Outcomes Framework ( is a practical, person-centred approach to understanding what is working (and not working) in disability housing. It is already in use across the sector in providers both large and small. 

In this session, Sam will outline:
•    How you can measure the impact you’re creating
•    How to implement the Disability Housing Outcomes Framework
•    The outcomes we’re already seeing from providers using the tool


9.50am - 10.20am 

Lalia Burnet | National Director Health, Aged Care and Seniors Living

M3 Property

The State of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in Australia to include;  
•    Factors influencing investment in the sector
•    Investment Benefits and Pitfalls
•    Future Outlook

10.55am - 11.25am

Alison Mcleod  | Managing Director

Inhab Australia 

Opportunities available for the property sector to deliver accommodation for NDIS and SDA participants 

11.30am - 12.00pm 

Tony Rutherford | Partner 

Holding Redlich 

Understand the type of contracts  required to develop and operate an SDA Property under the NDIS 


1.00pm - 1.40pm 

Greg Barry | Principal and Founder 

SDA Services

SDA eligibility, participant preferences and recent review and appeal outcomes.



The 2 SDA Eligibility criteria – what they have in common – what distinguishes them – examples

The SDA needs requirement – how it works


Preferences and recent outcomes

•    Participants’ preferences as to building types – which includes living arrangements preferences – numbers of bedrooms etc. 

•    What weight attaches to preferences?

•    What’s happening around this? Recent AAT decisions.

•    Preferences and the Article 19 of The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

1.45pm - 2.20pm

John Moulang | Associate and Senior Access Consultant 

Morris Goding Access Consultants

John will present on the following


1.Before Engaging an SDA Assessor                   


2.Essentials for an SDA Assessor Brief

3.Design (Preliminary) - Check, Certify + Register                            

4.Final-As-Built - Check, Certify + Register

2.40pm - 3.10pm  

Harry Mitchell 

Vera Living

Assisted Technology in SDA -  

Assistive Technology brings immense benefits to residents in any SDA property, not only through its promise of increasing each resident’s independence, but also in its ability to assist in the delivery of in-home services more effectively. Automated doors, automated blinds, touch/voice activated appliances, dynamic lighting and high speed internet are among the many applications of technology which can be implemented in a build. The key is in selecting which specific features will benefit the participant who will be moving in: nuances which can be narrowed down through co-design and engagement with the participants looking to move into the property.

This presentation will discuss the benefits and responsibilities for;

- SDA Providers

- SIL Providers

- Participants

3.10pm - 3.25pm 

Demonstration Assisted technology : UPS Solutions 

Need a Certificate of Attendance? 

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