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 Conference Speakers 

Event programs are carefully researched and designed to address sector needs for your State. 

Speakers are highly accomplished Industry Experts who are experienced within their field and in the SDA Sector and can  include Representatives of Bodies, Local Government and select Universities 

Please see here for current 2023 Speakers

Submissions for some topics for  Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide are still open,  until 31st March 2023 . 

Please see below 2022 Key Note SDA Conference Speakers 

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2022 Conference Speakers 

Past SDA Conference Sydney Speakers 

19th March 2022 

Past SDA Conference Perth 

7th July 2022

Past SDA Conference Brisbane Speakers 

29th April 2022

Past SDA Conference Melbourne 

17th Aug 2022

Past SDA Conference Adelaide Speakers 

1st June 2022

Past SDA Conference Hobart 

16th Nov 2022

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