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National Specialist Disability Accommodation Membership 

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Why Join? 

NDISDA Membership Benefits:

Joining NDISDA Membership offers a range of exclusive benefits for both individuals and organizations committed to the ethical standards upheld by our organization. Of course, you can attend all events without being a Member. Why not enjoy the perks......


Here's why you should be part of an Exclusive National SDA Community:

  1. Regular Updates and Connectivity: NDISDA Members receive regular updates on industry developments, policy changes, and emerging trends, ensuring they stay well-informed and connected within the dynamic landscape of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).

  2. Adherence to Ethical Code: Membership signifies a commitment to our ethical code. We actively encourage individuals and organizations that share our dedication to maintaining high standards in the SDA sector to join, fostering a community of like-minded professionals.

  3. Quality Assurance: NDISDA places a premium on maintaining a high standard within the sector. Membership allows us to monitor behaviours and business practices closely, ensuring that all participants adhere to ethical standards and contribute to the positive development of the SDA community.

  4. Exclusive Benefits: Members enjoy exclusive advantages, including access to specialized resources, networking opportunities, and participation in members-only events. These benefits are designed to enhance professional development and contribute to the success of individuals and organizations within the SDA sector.

  5. Event Vouchers: As a token of appreciation, NDISDA Members receive up to $1100 in event vouchers annually. These vouchers can be used to attend our diverse range of workshops, conferences, seminars, and networking events across the country, providing valuable opportunities for learning and collaboration.

By becoming an NDISDA Member, you not only align yourself with a community dedicated to ethical practices but also gain access to a suite of benefits that contribute to your professional growth and success in the evolving field of Specialist Disability Accommodation. Join us in promoting excellence, connectivity, and positive change in the SDA sector.

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