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Specialist Disability Accommodation Customer Service Centre

1300 NDI SDA
(1300 634 732) 


Our Australian Owned National SDA Contact Centre will connect you directly to our SDA Providers, Developers, Buyers Agents, Architects, Financiers, Builders, SDA Insurance and other SDA services nationally. 


Navigating the Specialist Disability Accommodation  (SDA) sector or connecting with the right businesses in this space can be a bit daunting. 

Whether you are an existing business or new to the Specialist Disability Accommodation sector,  our SDA Service Centre is designed to provide outstanding customer service and also connect you directly to our trusted SDA Members across the country-  saving you time and money 

Call 1300  NDI SDA (1300 634 732)  

You can also subscribe to our upcoming events, where you can network with all the right people and expand your knowledge. 

Australian owned and operated 

If you would like to be on the list to contact, email Subject to terms and conditions.

Or contact  us if you have a question. 

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