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Thank you to all who attended the SDA in WA Perth Conference 

Tickets were once again, sold out due to high demand! 

Well done, Perth! 

We are grateful for attendance from Developers, Builders, Occupational Therapists, SIL Providers, SDA Providers, Access Consultants, SDA Assessors. 

What an amazing response! 

We thank all Speakers who travelled and local industry experts. The event has received an overwhelming positive response. 

Pictures and newsletters, copies of presentations as well as Certificates of Attendances will be forwarded within 7 days from the date of the event. 

Join this amazing rapid growing membership today and connect with hundreds nationally. 


See below some amazing pictures following the event. 

If you would like a copy of any pictures please request permission at 

SIL Providers

Property Developers
SDA Assessors 
Access Consultants
Assistive Technology 

Fund Managers

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programs are subject to slight change*

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Debbie Kindness

General Manager

NDIS Property Australia

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SDA Supply and Demand in WA - What the data is and isn't telling us.
We delve into the NDIS data to see where the gaps are. But just as important is understanding how to gauge future demand and determine pipeline data that isn't reported.

Short term Accommodation and Medium Term Accommodation, and how they fit into the SDA world.
What Short Term Accommodation and Medium Term Accommodation funding is for and why it is important to understand how it can be a part of an SDA investment strategy.

Who are the key stakeholders when developing SDA development?

What to look for in a SDA property manager.

Rick Bantleman

C88 International Corporate Property

Matt Square 2020.jpg

Matt Garmony

Garmony Property Consultants

An overview of the NDIS/SDA property market from a valuers perspective including;

  • current market conditions in Perth & Western Australia,

  • locational supply and demand factors considered,

  • building types and construction costs,

  • rents and SDA Pricing,

  • valuation approaches and sales evidence used to arrive at the market values.

Paul Grant - Linkedin-500 x 500 px-03.jpg

Challenges of obtaining loan approvals for SDA in WA 

Paul Grant 

Axis Lending 

Tony Rutherford high res pic.jpg

Head Lease and types of SDA Agreements explained;

The SDA Price Review Final Report - how will it impact you? 

Tony Rutherford


Holding Redlich 



Tania Gomez

Consultant and Advisor 

dan everhomes.JPG

Dan Acfield

Co-founder and SDA Provider


lauren hart.jpg

Lauren Hart 


Optimal Therapy 

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Sailing through your NDIS audit with ease


The "Sailing through your NDIS audit with ease" presentation is designed for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) providers who are preparing for an NDIS audit. The presentation covers practical tips and advice on how to simplify your registration groups, identify relevant standards, and develop a plan of action to address any gaps in your organisation's compliance.


You'll also learn how to involve staff and participants in the preparation process, organise evidence for the auditor, and take control of the audit process. The session includes real-world examples of successful audit preparation to help you get your organisation audit-ready with ease.

Funding challenges and process  

  • Conflict between what participants want and NDIA wants to pay for

  • Conflict between core supports funding (e.g. SIL) and SDA funding

  • Appendix G

  • Why obtaining SDA funding can be a long and challenging process




Percentage of Growth and Gaps in  SDA in WA. – what does this mean for providers and stakeholders?

The role of an OT in assessing for SDA eligibility  


The role of an OT in assessing and recommend SDA design type, dwelling type, occupancy, whether OOA is needed       

With a developing housing market, occupational therapists have a central role in supporting and empowering people with disability and their families to make informed housing choices. 

Delegates will understand factors that restrict/enable a sustainable home, from an OT perspective and Build knowledge of dynamic assessment approaches and outcomes measures in planning for and enabling housing transition.

Separation of housing and care ; why participants need choice and control over their care and should be able to change providers and support workers at their discretion ; exclusive arrangements should never be implemented. 

Dan Acfield

Co-founder and SDA Provider


Daniel InteliCare.jpg

Fall Prevention Technologies

The latest in smart home and AI technology has been utilised to develop fall prevention technology to reduce the risk of a fall and warn carers before a fall happens.

Find out more 

Daniel Pilbrow


silhouette man.jpg

Richard Scott

Morris Goding Access Consultants 

Upcoming changes in the NCC – Changes to the NCC and the NCC and the implementation of the Livable Housing Standard

This presentation will discuss ; 

  • How will the new changes impact SDA buildings –

  • How will the new livable housing standard affect the housing stock in Australia – Benefits of accessible features within dwellings

  • SDA application and approval process – General process from application for design approval to issuing the as built certificate

  • Case studies  – Best practice and common non-compliances

NCC Building Classifications, Price Guide Funding, and Fire Egress/Safety.
- Compliance doesn’t mean it’ll be occupied immediately.


Anthony Nolan

Partner of Kennedy Associates Architects,

Beyond the SDA Design Standards.

When designing for SDA it’s not often the case that the SDA participants are known to the designer, or have any role in the design process, and the same applies equally to the staff that may be working within the building.  

This places additional requirements on the designer to ensure that the design has carefully considered a range of considerations that extend beyond compliance with the SDA Design Standards.

The SDA Design Standards are silent on so many aspects of design such as how many bathrooms to provide, how large an office should be, the design of living areas, and the like.


 We are for example seeing more widespread adoption of ensuites, the provision of secondary laundries, greater emphasis on staff amenities throughout our recent projects.


In addition to the SDA Design Standards there are also the requirements of the National Construction Code as well as local planning controls that would influence the design.


Exhibit space available 

Display table ;

1.8m trestle table with cloth and pull up banner space, 2 chairs 

$950 exc gst 

3x3m display -  or your own display up to 12sqm : 

1.8m trestle table with cloth and 2 chairs 

1 minute presentation of your business, yourself and your service/product

1 Conference ticket 

$1500 exc gst 

All exhibitors remain in the same room as delegates, seated on a cabaret setting of 8 round tables. Your exhibit space is 'manned' during the breaks

Email to book your space  or call 1300 667 709

crown perth.jpg

Crown Perth, Burswood 

Great Eastern Hyw, Perth 

Botanical Rooms 1 & 2 


Click here for the room map

Crown Perth officially opened its doors to the public 1985, bringing a fully-integrated entertainment precinct to Western Australia. Renowned for its world-class facilities, entertainment, premium restaurants and luxury accommodation, Crown is located on the eastern banks of the Swan River, just minutes from the CBD and both domestic and international airports.

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