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Thank you to all who attended the Brisbane SDA Conference on 4th Aug 2023, Emporium Hotel South Bank Brisbane

The event was sold out, with a full room attendance of  Architects, SDA Assessors, Builders, Developers, SIL Providers OT's , Lenders and Investors and more.


Copies of the event presentations will be made available following the event, along with some great pictures 

See below, some great highlights of the Conference, followed by a splendid networking event with an amazing  view on the 21st Floor .... 

Subscribe and attend. 

The next SDA Networking event  in Brisbane will be onboard the Lady Brisbane, cruising the river on

20th October 2023 from 12.00pm - 3.30pm 

See here for more details 

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Main Conference Topics

Program may be slightly amended *

Program *

New topic added : Final Report of the SDA Pricing review - what it means for you 

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Welcome and Introductions 

Lynn Gabriel 

Founder and National Events & Research Program Director

SDA Conferences & Events 

Tony Rutherford high res pic_edited.jpg

SDA Pricing Review – Final Report and what it means for you 

The SDA Pricing Review was about making sure SDA eligible NDIS participants receive the supports they need and to ensure pricing reflects what is needed for investment to support NDIS participants into the future.

Understand what the pricing means for you 

Tony Rutherford 

DLA Piper Law Firm 

Craig NICISA.png

Financial Risks, Social Risks, Location Factors, SDA Market development and returns on SDA Investment. 

Valuations of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) & NDIS, - realistic factors, the challenges and hurdles -  SDA outlook in 2023

Craig Guinane

NICISA Valuers

debbie kindness ndisda.jpg

Debbie Kindness

General Manager

NDIS Property Australia 

(Diamond Member)  

david white axis lending.jpg

What to understand before embarking on an SDA property investment
- The importance of the SDA provider and understanding supply and demand
- Build costs
- Feasibilities and realistic returns of an SDA investment property
- Other challenges

Challenges of obtaining loan approvals for SDA

  • How to get approved for an NDIS investment loan

  • What are the challenges of getting a loan approved for SDA

  • What are the challenges of getting a loan approved for SDA

  • How can I find SDA tenants

  • How much does it cost to build an SDA property?

David White 

Axis Lending 

Julie Saric Headshot.jpg

SDA Insurance

  • Commercial Vs Domestic Insurance and

  • What is considered Malicious Damage.

This presentation will help you understand what cover you need and what steps you should take to mitigate the risk

Julie Saric 

LHB Insurance 

Picture coming soon 


Tania Gomez


Tanya Gomez Consulting 

dan everhomes.JPG

Dan Acfield 

SDA Provider and DIrector


Coral Gillett.jpg

Coral Gillett


Hopkins Centre

Griffith University 

Jeremy Soden, No background, Paint.png

Jeremy Soden


Forward Access 


Sailing through your NDIS audit with ease


The "Sailing through your NDIS audit with ease" presentation is designed for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) providers who are preparing for an NDIS audit. The presentation covers practical tips and advice on how to simplify your registration groups, identify relevant standards, and develop a plan of action to address any gaps in your organisation's compliance.


You'll also learn how to involve staff and participants in the preparation process, organise evidence for the auditor, and take control of the audit process. The session includes real-world examples of successful audit preparation to help you get your organisation audit-ready with ease.

Challenges relating to finding SDA Participants
and; Challenges relating to filling SDA vacancies 

Separation of housing and care ; why participants need choice and control over their care and should be able to change providers and support workers at their discretion 


Value for Money vs a Participant's right to not share with another

Discussion,  outcomes, appeals and impacts    

Recent research into the Home Modification process

Home modifications for people with disabilities promote their independence and safety and increase their health-related quality-of-life. However, the process of undertaking home modifications can involve many hurdles and setbacks, be time-consuming, and leave clients feeling that they are not in control of the changes to their own home. Coral Gillett, a researcher at the Hopkins Centre (Griffith University) will give an overview of two projects that are currently underway: Valuing Home Modifications and Home to Hospital  

Valuing Home modifications:
A two-phase project that interviewed different stakeholders in the home modification process to better understand how the concepts of value and value for money are understood and operationalised in home modification practice in Australia. Phase one involved interviews with Occupational Therapists, and phase two involved interviews with end-users (home modification clients). The key findings of both phases will be presented and discussed. 

Home to Hospital: 

The Home to Hospital project proposes the development of a tool to support the home modification process by documenting the existing home environment and virtually bringing the patient’s home into the hospital setting. This will allow patients to interact with therapists in a virtual version of their own home environment in order to design the home modification intervention collaboratively. Home to Hospital is a collaborative project between HabITec (a Hopkins Centre flagship) and Metro South Health Spinal Injuries Unit, which aims to provide a virtual environment for patients and therapists to assess, problem-solve and design the modifications required to the patient’s home environment prior to discharge from inpatient care. 

Upcoming changes in the NCC – Changes to the NCC and the NCC and the implementation of the Livable Housing Standard

This presentation will discuss ; 

  • How will the new changes impact SDA buildings –

  • How will the new livable housing standard affect the housing stock in Australia – Benefits of accessible features within dwellings

  • SDA application and approval process – General process from application for design approval to issuing the as built certificate

  • Case studies  – Best practice and common non-compliances

Robust Assessment – from the perspective of an SDA Assessor
Challenges and lessons learnt when assessing robust design.

Co-Presenting with Nicole Levitt

Patricia Flores QLD State Manager, Senior Access Consultant

Architecture & Access (Aust) Pty Ltd

Lesh headshot (004) (1).png

Connecting not just by chance

Utilisation of co-design as a key element of participant matching to a fluid workforce.

Lesh Prasad

Chief Operating Officer for Cocoon SDA Care

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