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Thank you to all who attended the Adelaide 

NDISDA Roundtable 

13th May 2024 at the Lakes Resort Hotel, West Lakes 

The session was well attended! 


Specialist Disability Accommodation Builders, Developers,

SDA Providers, SIl Providers attended this highly engaging event which saw many relationships forged and many walking away with a new perspectives and approaches to navigating the SDA space 

There is one thing for sure, there is uncertainty when it comes to Improved liveability which needs further discussion. Many Developers are now hesitant and are not building IL as a result of this NDIS recommendation

We hope that you can join us for 1 more roundtable this year in Adelaide 

We give a special shout out to Moderator Anghad Singh, of Nirvana Lifestyles and Paul Grant of Axis Lending for presenting at the event, and panellists Michael Kromywk of Lutheran Disability Services and Kirsty Bonner of Anew SDA Australia who contributed to the discussion


Subscribe to attend the next one in Adelaide, details coming soon  


We discussed ; 

Here we will  delve into the various elements of the NDIS Final Report : Recommendation 8: Fund housing and living supports that are fair and consistent, and support participants to exercise genuine choice and control over their living arrangement

​What does this mean for SDA Providers and Investors? 


Panel Topics 

•    Mandatory separation of Care & Housing, and what it means for SIL & SDA Providers
•    The removal of the IL category and what it means for investors
•    A new SDA category, and what opportunities this might present

Roundtable 2nd Session  :  3.30pm - 5.00pm 

Challenges in this ever-evolving space 

  • NDIS Housing Loans - Challenges and Hurdles 

  • Choice and Control: Shared Supports and Ratios - 3 different SIL Providers in shared housing - does the Participant have choice and control in choosing their SIL Provider?  what are the implications? 

  • Low Availability of Stock - what choices do Participants have in the interim?

  • No vacancy, no rent. Why its important to understand what Participants need  and how to ensure tenancy longevity -  is it all just words or can we simply get down to the nitty gritty and list the real challenges being faced for Participants, Investors and Providers.  

The day ended with some great networking! 

istock table hands.jpg
Michael Kromyk.jpg

Michael Kromwyk

Lutheran Disability Services 

Lynn Melbourne .jpg

Lynn Gabriel 

NDISDA SDA Housing and Disability & SDA Conferences & Events 


Angad Singh

Nirvana Lifestyles

Paul Grant - Linkedin-500 x 500 px-03.jpg

Paul Grant 

Axis Lending 

kirsty bonner.jpg

Kirsty Bonner 

Anew SDA Australia 

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