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Thank you to all who attended the Sydney SDA Networking event on 9th May 2023. 

Following a well informed SDA Seminar in Sydney, we were pleased to see so many continue on at the networking session at Club York from 4.30 -7.00pm

The session was well attended by Lenders, Valuers, Developers, SIL Providers, SDA Providers, Architects and more.

It truly is pleasing to see so many take the time out from a busy day to join such a great sessions.

We saw introductions, knowledge sharing, and many new connections. It was such an honour to share that time with all of you, especially given the very short notice 

We look forward to Sydney's October 2023 Networking event, so please subscribe as events are being added due to high demand.

You can also join us at Melbourne's upcoming Conference on 7th June 2023. Click here for more information. Melbourne's event is selling out fast, and the day is filled with a high technical and educational program on SDA, with much networking to follow. 

Thank you once more, Sydney - we look forward to sharing your company again soon! 

Lynn Gabriel - Director SDA Conferences and Events 

See below some memories of a great day and evening, at Club York in Sydney.


Join us at future events, seminars and conferences. Subscribe today to remain updated and join the membership which offers free SDA event tickets on joining, and discount rates at further events. 

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