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Thank you to all who attended the Sydney SDA Seminar 9th May 2023

A copy of the presentations will be made available by 19th May 2023, along with Certificates of Attendance

We hope that you can join us at the next Conference in Melbourne on 7th June 2023

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Welcome and introductions 

Lynn Gabriel 

Founder and National Events & Research Program Director

SDA Conferences & Events 

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Financial Risks, Social Risks, Location Factors, SDA Market development and returns on SDA Investment. 

Valuations of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) & NDIS, - realistic factors, the challenges and hurdles -  SDA outlook in 2023

Craig Guinane

NICISA Valuers

debbie kindness ndisda.jpg

Debbie Kindness

General Manager

NDIS Property Australia 

(Diamond Member)  

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What to understand before embarking on an SDA property investment
- The importance of the SDA provider and understanding supply and demand
- Build costs
- Feasibilities and realistic returns of an SDA investment property
- Other challenges

SDA Insurance

  • Commercial Vs Domestic Insurance and

  • What is considered Malicious Damage.

This presentation will help you understand what cover you need and what steps you should take to mitigate the risk

Julie Saric

LHB Insurance 

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Challenges relating to finding SDA Participants
and; Challenges relating to filling SDA vacancies 

Dan Acfield

Co-founder and SDA Provider


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Dan Acfield

Co-founder and CEO of Specialist Disability Accommodation provider Everhomes

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Jeremy Soden


Access Consultant, Building Certifier & SDA Assessor


Anthony Nolan

Partner of Kennedy Associates Architects,

Separation of housing and care ; why participants need choice and control over their care and should be able to change providers and support workers at their discretion 


Value for Money vs a Participant's right to not share with another. 

Discussion, cases, outcomes, appeals and impacts    



Upcoming changes in the NCC – Changes to the NCC and the NCC and the implementation of the Livable Housing Standard

This presentation will discuss ; 

  • How will the new changes impact SDA buildings –

  • How will the new livable housing standard affect the housing stock in Australia – Benefits of accessible features within dwellings

  • SDA application and approval process – General process from application for design approval to issuing the as built certificate

  • Case studies  – Best practice and common non-compliances

Beyond the SDA Design Standards.

When designing for SDA it’s not often the case that the SDA participants are known to the designer, or have any role in the design process, and the same applies equally to the staff that may be working within the building.  

This places additional requirements on the designer to ensure that the design has carefully considered a range of considerations that extend beyond compliance with the SDA Design Standards.

The SDA Design Standards are silent on so many aspects of design such as how many bathrooms to provide, how large an office should be, the design of living areas, and the like.


 We are for example seeing more widespread adoption of ensuites, the provision of secondary laundries, greater emphasis on staff amenities throughout our recent projects.


In addition to the SDA Design Standards there are also the requirements of the National Construction Code as well as local planning controls that would influence the design.

Network after the event 

Networking following the event is included in your ticket 

Join all delegates for canapes and beverages following the event 

4.00pm - 7.30pm 

Network Sponsorships are available at $1500 exc gst x 2 

Find out how you can benefit as a Sponsor and email 

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Club York 

95-99 York St, Sydney NSW 2000

Bass Suite 

By Train
Town Hall Station
• Take the QVB exit
• From inside the QVB, take the
York Street exit
• Walk towards Club York (1 min
Wynyard Station
• Take the York St exit (exit 3)
• Walk towards Club York (4 min
By Bus
• There are bus stops along
Clarence Street (behind the Club)
and on York Street.
• Buses travelling to the City via
the Harbour Bridge will stop on
York Street.
• Buses exiting the city via the
Harbour Bridge will stop on
Clarence Street.

Secure Parking is located at 168
Clarence Street, Sydney with a
clearance of 1.8m.

Newcastle SDA Networking event 

Join the SDA Newcastle Networking Event the next day at the Happy Wombat....

Wed 10th May 2023 

4.30pm - 7.30pm 

Join Newcastle SDA Providers, Builders and stakeholders and connect with like-minded individuals

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