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About us 

SDA Conferences and Events is a Peak National Specialist Disability Accommodation Events organization dedicated to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) sector.

Our mission is to serve Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Providers, Supported Independent Living (SIL) Providers, SDA Property Developers, Investors,  Builders, Architects, Assessors, Financiers, Trust Fund Managers, Consultants and stakeholders throughout the country by providing valuable and impactful events. 

SDA Conferences and Events is committed to keeping all stakeholders educated, connected, updated, and informed.

We prioritize the dissemination of relevant and timely information to empower participants and enhance their businesses.

Our organization operates without conflict of interest. We abstain from providing consultancy services that could potentially conflict with the interests of our members or the broader SDA sector.

We actively collaborate with local governments, industry experts, academic institutions, regulatory bodies, and service providers across Australia. This collaborative effort enables us to thoroughly research changes, challenges, and legislation in the dynamic SDA landscape

Solution-Oriented Programs: Our event programs are meticulously designed to be solution-oriented, delivering information, education, practical solutions, and networking opportunities. We aim to address the pressing issues faced by participants, fostering a community of problem-solvers within the SDA sector.

Diverse Audience: Our workshops, conferences, seminars, and networking events attract a multi-discipline audience, including SDA Providers, Builders, Architects, Property Developers, SIL Providers, Occupational Therapists, Financiers, Fund Managers, NDIS Registered Providers, and other stakeholders.

Nationwide Presence: We regularly organize events across the country, providing opportunities for delegates to safely engage in discussions, share experiences, and address real issues and challenges faced within the SDA sector.

NDISDA Membership Benefits: By becoming an NDISDA Member, you not only align yourself with a community dedicated to ethical practices but also gain access to a suite of benefits that contribute to your professional growth and success in the evolving field of Specialist Disability Accommodation. You also receive up to $1100 value of event vouchers to attend our major Conferences and events.  Join us in promoting excellence, connectivity, and positive change in the SDA sector.

To learn more about how SDA Conferences and Events can benefit you or your organization, contact our national team today at 1300 NDI SDA (1300 634 732). Join us in building a stronger, more informed, and connected SDA community.


Join us at upcoming SDA Developers Summits, SDA Conferences in 2024 

Join Australia's fastest growing
National Professional Specialist Disability Accommodation Network Organisation
and save at SDA Conferences & Events

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NDISDA SDA Housing and Disability is Australia's fastest growing national Professional  network comprised of SIL Providers, SDA Providers, Builders, Architects, Assessors, Town Planners, Financiers, Investors, Property Developers, Investors. 

As an interdisciplinary organisation,  NDISDA's primary focus is to empower individuals and organizations to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of changes, challenges, and barriers in this critical sector by establishing various event and educational platforms.


NDISDA also owns the only National  Specialist Disability Accommodation Contact Centre in Australia - helping you navigate this space easily. The Contact Centre (1300  NDI SDA) connects hundreds of SDA enquiries through to our trusted SDA members who are Builders, Developers, Fund Managers, SDA Providers, SIL Providers, Architects and more! 

Their  focus is on ensuring that all disciplines within the sector remain updated connected, informed and educated .

Hundreds of relationships have been forged since inception in 2020. Attend the events, connect and forge sustainable and ethical relationships with the right people.  Members receive referrals, reduced rates for events, speaker opportunities, and free annual tickets a year* from only $550pa 


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Join the National NDISDA Membership.

Pay less at SDA Conferences and Events.

Network, learn and connect with others 



OVER 1000 delegates attended the total of last years' 14 Major Conferences ,  and over 40 Seminars, Workshops and Networking events where many were able to building on brand awareness, connect,  and establish ongoing business relationships with the right people. 

The events are an effective way to build brand awareness and start valuable conversations with like-minded individuals whilst remaining updated, connected, educated and informed  

Conferences, Networking Events, Workshops, Seminars are held in Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns, Darwin and Perth. 

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SDA Providers 

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Fund Managers 

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Occupational Therapists 

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SIL Providers 

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Financial Report


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NDIS Providers 

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NDISLINK Events and Conferences 

Our Partner NDISLINK Events and Conferences hosts several events for NDIS Providers, Coordinators, SIL Providers, Employment providers and stakeholders..

Attend, connect and collaborate 


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