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Investors Circle Breakfast 


Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

199 George St, The Rocks 

7.30am - 11.30am 

Cost : $220pp

Members:  $175pp 



Join the NEIC Investors Circle for $550 for the year as a Network Member and attend the breakfast for free.  


Sponsor the event

Email for Sponsorship details 


We are pleased to invite SDA Investors, Developers, Architects, Financiers, Builders, Assessors

Trust Fund Managers, SIL Providers, Support Coordinators, and Participant Managers to attend this much anticipated NEIC SDA Breakfast session.

Event Highlights:

Panel Sessions: Engage with experts discussing critical topics in the SDA sector.
Working Groups: Collaborate on innovative solutions addressing participant needs.
Focused Discussions: Explore how investors can better understand participant requirements, vacancy rates, and strategies to mitigate risks.

Key Objectives:

  • Participant-Centric Design: Ensure stability, optimal location, and excellent design practices for SDA participants.

  • Investment Insight: Provide investors with a deeper understanding of participant needs to reduce vacancy rates and enhance investment stability.

Collaborate, Connect and Forge sustainable relationships today 




The NEIC (NDISDA Elite Investors Circle) was established by our NDISDA division to unite stakeholders committed to the best interests of SDA participants.


Through collaboration among investors, developers, architects, financiers, builders, assessors, trust fund managers, SIL providers, support coordinators, and participant managers, the NEIC aims to create a robust and dynamic SDA ecosystem that supports stability, growth, and continuous improvement of services for all participants.


This collaboration is essential for ensuring that participants in SDA receive personalized, high-quality accommodations and support services that meet their evolving needs and preferences.

This initiative also ensures a return on investment for investors and reduces the risk of low vacancy rates

You can join this Investors Circle from $350pa .See here for more 

The NEIC is a SDA Conferences and Events Partner and division of NDISDA SDA Housing and Disability .

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