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Sydney Seminar Speakers 


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David Watson
Director | Architect | SDA Assessor | NDIS Registered Provider 
ArchR Design 
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Daniel Rorke Director


David Watson is the director of Archr Design and a Registered Architect, Access Consultant, SDA Assessor and Developer with a vested interest in developing residential designs that promote liveability and accessibility. Throughout his life he’s witnessed his sister, born with Spina Bifida and a full-time wheelchair user, struggle due to simple ‘industry standard’ construction methods that limit her access and manoeuvrability. His passion for disability sensitive design originates from the frustration of realising the lack of housing that can cater for someone with a physical disability. His unique life experience and skillsets has given him a broad knowledge with understanding industry best practice when it comes to SDA.

Daniel started his career in the Royal Australian Navy, serving four years as an electronics technician specialising in combat systems.  
Returning to civilian life, he enrolled in a degree in electrical engineering, graduating to take up design and engineering roles for companies such as Pillar, Goodman Group, and CBRE.  
He now runs his own company in NSW, specialising in BCA reporting and fire safety orders, and has taken a particular interest in the safety of occupants of disability and care homes.

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